Circumnavigating In The Age Of Trump

—Analysis— Back in the 16th century, it took Ferdinand Magellan’s crew more than two years to sail around the world. Yesterday, a new record was set in the prestigious Vendée Globe solo sailing ...

A Pelican's Pause

When the famous pelicans of Mykonos get tired of all the attention, do they take a break and fly down to the calmer shores of ...

United States

The World Braces For Hurricane Trump

Beyond the beltway, far from America's heartland: the most unlikely of incoming U.S. presidents is daily bread for the international press. See what they're saying.


Put All Doubts To Rest, China Is Betting On The Free Market

Xi Jinping's calls in Davos to protect free trade are not a jab at Donald Trump, but in keeping with China's march toward a market-led consumer society.


Caught In The Crossfire In Nigeria

-Analysis- With the violence that ISIS has sown in the West, it’s sometimes easy to forget about Boko Haram, another Islamist terror outfit, which while pledging allegiance to ISIS has confined ...


Study Finds Organic Food Isn't Better Quality

BERLIN — The quality of organic food products is no better than non-organic offerings. At least that's the result of a recent study by the consumer portal The study compared 49 test ...


A New World Disorder

PARIS — Put any two Americans abroad (of a particular political bent — or not?) in the same room, and they’ll try at first to avoid the elephant in said room. It won’t last. The time has come to ...


The King's Door

Glimpsing through the crack of the imposing brass doors was as much as we were going to see of the Royal Palace of Fes: Visitors are (still) unfortunately not allowed ...

United States

Bonjour And Bye-Bye, A Video Postcard Of Obama's Foreign Travels

The end of the road has come for Barack Obama's eight years as President of the United States. From China to Kenya and Argentina to Laos, Obama has traveled thousands of miles around the world and ...


America Can’t Stop Talking About Us, A View From Moscow

Russia has become a main theme in the U.S. In part, perhaps, this is a sign of success of the Kremlin’s politics. But both Putin and Trump will have to compromise if they want to change things.


How Mexico’s Jalisco Drug Cartel Is Muscling Into U.S. Cities

MEXICO CITY — The Jalisco New Generation Cartel, or CJNG, has long controlled the drug trade in nine states in Mexico’s south and west. But in recent months, the cartel has edged out Mexican and ...


Sail Away, Sevillian Summer

Starting in spring, to protect passersby from the heat, Seville deploys its sails-like awnings along the calle Sierpes, the city's main commercial street. See more slides from My ...


Worse Than Prison, The Life Of Syria’s Female Ex-Inmates

Women held in Syria’s government prisons report psychological abuse, sexual assault and torture. But for many, the suffering they experience after their release is even worse.


Trump's Big Mouth On German Front Page

Die Tageszeitung, Jan. 17, 2016 I love Germany. I love Great Britain. I love Mexico. I love free trade. I like Angela Merkel, but I don't know her. I liked President ...

Democratic Republic of Congo

Can The Catholic Church Prevent A New Congolese Civil War?

It seems only the Church has managed to curb the ambitions of recent Congolese rulers Mobutu and Joseph Kabila. Now Church leaders are trying to peacefully nudge Kabila from power to avoid the bloodshed many are predicting.


Identity Politics, From La Paz To Trump Tower

It is yet another alliance of ideas that fiction could not have invented. The leftist vice president of Bolivia, who has never disavowed his Marxist past, is seeing eye-to-eye with a certain ...


A Photographer's Exception

I'm an analog kind of photographer: I started taking pictures in the 1950s, when film was still somewhat expensive — meaning that even though I now own a digital camera, I've never really gotten ...


What Nobel Prize Winner Naguib Mahfouz Can Teach Us Egyptians

-Essay- 1988 As usual I sat at the front, close to the blackboard because I’m short-sighted, and to the left, so the teacher’s body wouldn’t hide what he wrote. On that particular day ...